Coastal Maintenance Contractors Services 

Coastal Maintenance Contractors | Lawn mowing Lawnmowing

Any lawn, anywhere, we always trim edges and remove clippings. Regular mowing encourages healthy growth and keeps weeds at bay. We can tailor a service to suit your needs and budget.


Regular pruning is recommended as it keeps your property looking neat and tidy as well as minimizing damage occuring from storms. From edging ground covers to keep within garden edges to your favourite hedges.

Tree Lopping

All smaller pruning requiremnes can be  covered. We can lift canopies so as to alleviate problems with scratching cars, to the tallest gum tree. (We do not do large tree/palm pruning) If it can be reached from the ground we can usually do it..

Stump Grinding

This will allow fences to be built if there has been a tree placed along a boundary line. It also helps to finish off the tree lopping job neatly. This will also aleviate potential termite infestation that may occur if rotting stump is left in the ground.

Coastal Maintenance Contractors | GardeningPoisoning

If stump grinding is not necessary, we can poison stump so as to stop the roots from growing and to stop problems with cracked paths, driveways and pipeline problems.

Garden Clean ups

We can tidy your garden as you require, from small garden clean ups to large. These are a great way to tidy up your property if you are planning to sell your home. It is cheaper to have a regular visits and will help to promote healthier plant growth and gardens will look tidier.


We can supply and deliver various types of mulch in accordance with your needs and complete all your garden mulching needs. This is a great way to help weed suppression as well as conserving water and keeping your plants alive during the drought periods.

Rubbish Removal

Old foliage left in piles in your yard, such as palm fronds, can attract snakes and cockroaches. We can remove them all for you including leaves, dead branches and trees, as well as discarded furniture, appliances etc.


Coastal Maintenance Contractors | Pool Cleaning

We can clean your stairwells, tiles, windows, foyers and all common areas.

Pool Cleaning

Whilst we are doing your garden, we can also clean your pool.


Need someone to put your bins out or to bring them back in? We can do this for you during a regular visit or organise your regular visit around your bin day

Garden Maintenance

As we say "One Call Solves it All", any problems call Dave - 0402 275 372

Pressure Cleaning

Do you have concreted pathways that are dirty or mouldy? Driveways and all hard external surfaces that attract and hold dirt will look new with a regular pressure clean. This will also prevent mould build which creates slippery surfaces.

Labour Hire

Do you have a big job and not enough hands on deck? We can provide you with labour to assist in various types of works.

We provide labour for coal mine inducted trades, coal board medical approved staff as well as trades assistants. Please contact Dave if you have any enquiries.